Obscure Reference Comics

Feb 3

Any fellow students of film out there? I dabbled alot in filmmaking and it was an old aspiration to become a director and work for the industry. That is until I done a dreadful course in it and become completely disillusioned. From that I figured out that I wanted to tell stories, not just through film. The most annoying part of script writing to make a short film was the restrictiveness of real life. Realistic dialogue for students who cant act and it has to be easily filmable. Ended up being a pain.

Then I discovered comics… and they’re awesome to write! No worries about budget, cast and all these other factors. If you want a spaceship, you got a spaceship.

Anyway here’s an old music video I done. It has various flaws, but I done every aspect of it from directing to editing completely by myself and I’m still proud of what I achieved. 

I have some short films on my youtube page I might post later, pretentious and silly but a fucking blast to make.